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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whole30 Challenge - Day 22

Today is Day 22! I am feeling pretty good about things today. I am appreciating the benefits that my Whole30 has brought to my life!
  •  gratitude for fresh, healthy food (we have developed a serious crush on eggs, chicken and veggies)
  •  a new appreciation for the natural sweetness of fruits and veggies, (yes, veggies really do taste sweet, once you give up sugar) 
  •  a love for how my body feels without being filled with junk (I feel less loaded and bloated)
  •  Also, there is a lot of crazy sickness going on all over Minnesota, and our family has stayed healthy all month! 
  •  a new love of cooking and finding new ingredients and recipes that have us exclaiming every night, "This is SOOOOOO good."
These are just some of the things I appreciate today. Sure, I could complain about how I really wanted a glass of wine the other day or really, really wanted a piece of my sister's carrot cake yesterday. But, I am choosing to look at the positives and think about all the things I AM enjoying.

My challenge for you today is.... take a moment and savor your food. Taste a carrot's natural sweetness. Chew that bite of chicken thoroughly and taste it's flavorful juices. Enjoy your food!

P.S. So, while I did survive my night out with my sister's last night and had a lot of fun with them, I don't recommend doing that often. The smell of the quesadillas and cheesy fries was enough to make me drool. But, I kept it together and enjoyed my refreshing, clean water. :-) Ha, ha!


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