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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jessica Smith's 10 Lbs Down Review and Giveaway

I love mixing up my workouts. As a fitness instructor myself, I never teach the same class twice. I love making the body have to work hard and never let my muscles get used to any one workout. So, now that it is the New Year, I thought it was high time to add some new workouts into my at-home routines. With all the new goals out there, this is the perfect time for all of us to try something new and give our bodies a new challenge!

I immediately turned to Collage Video, where you can find practically any fitness DVD you can dream up. For over 25 years, Collage Video has seen the need for a better way to shop for exercise videos. Just reading the back of the box doesn't really help you find out what you are getting yourself into when you buy a video. You may find that you don't like the trainer, that it isn't intense enough for you, or that it is too intense. The back of the video doesn't tell the whole story. Collage Video does, and that is what I love about them!

As I shopped their site again, I was impressed all over again by how well they rate and describe each and every exercise video. You can browse through several helpful categories like My Goals, Workout Types, Instructors, Brands, Equipment Used and Specialty Videos.  Or you can look at the popular searches. And my favorite part is that you can watch a little clip of the DVDs you are shopping for, so you know just what you are buying!

My newest DVD from Collage Video is Jessica Smith's 10 Lbs Down Better Body Blast.

Jessica Smith 10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast This DVD definitely changed things up in my workout routine. There are three different workouts on this DVD - one for upper body, one for lower body, and one for abs. Each workout is 20 minutes long, and you can do them all together, if you choose.

Since I only have about 20-30 minutes before my kids start losing all patience with me, I love that these are right in my time frame. I also appreciate that she really uses every second of the 20 minutes. There is no jabbering while you stand there - she gets you moving from the very beginning all the way through.

She uses lighter weights for high repetitions. I usually do heavier weights for shorter reps, so this is a good change up for me. She recommended using 5 lbs or less. I thought, "Well, for heaven's sake, I can use at least 8 lbs." Well, I did get through most of it with 8 lbs, but it was really, really, intense, and I ended up with the 5 lbs towards the end of the arms. I did last the whole time with 8 lbs for the leg workout. But, both workouts were great! She uses some new moves you probably haven't seen, and she changes the intensity up so you are breathing hard the whole way through. She also incorporates 2 short cardio sections in each workout, which I appreciated.

The ab workout was a little different. You do a lot of Pilates-based exercises, and my abs definitely felt fatigued by the end. The only part of this section I didn't like was the beginning when she did a lot of crunches. My neck was killing me, and I was using every trick I know to relieve the pain.

Other than that little negative, I give all three workouts a big thumbs up!! No matter what level you are at, I think you would be challenged by these workouts in a way you'd like. Jessica is very personable and encouraging. She also does the workouts with you, which I always appreciate!

Head over to Collage Video, check out this video, and see if it is a good fit for you!

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Cara was provided this product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own. 


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