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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What About Weight Loss Supplements?

During this time of year, a lot of us are getting ready to make New Year's resolutions. One of the most popular guessed it, losing weight!

There is a lot of information and suggestions for losing weight out there, including all those "quick fixes" like weight loss supplements. For instance, red cell press is a dietary supplement that acts as a natural filler. When taken as suggested, Cell-Press Red helps provide the sensation of being full before meals. The way they market this to you is "If you feel full before your meal the less likely you are to over eat and the more successful you will be regardless of the diet you've chosen to follow." Plus, Cell-Press Red contains Benzocaine. Benzocaine is designed to help subdue hunger pangs.

Most people do want a quick fix if they can get one. But, with weight loss, I believe that to manage your weight in a healthy way, you need to exercise daily and choose whole healthy foods. When you give your body what it needs to thrive, it will! When January 1st comes around, and it is time to get started on all those New Year's resolutions, set goals, do the work, and you will reap the benefits! Be wary of products that make claims that seem too easy and always check the ingredient listing for things that don't belong in your body. 

This is a sponsored post written by Cara. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

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  1. There are no magic pills to make us loose weight painlessly. I wish. As you say, eating right and exercise are what work every time. People eat when they aren't hungry and keep eating when they are full. Self-discipline not a pill will solve that problem. I certainly would like to see weight loss an easier thing to accomplish, but it isn't. I keep trying, but so far I haven't put enough effort into it.


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