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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm So Glad CD Review

Let's face it, winter can get to be a dreary time. In our house, we like to spice things up with random dance parties. It quickly gets those feel good endorphins flowing and brings a lot of laughter to those cold and dark days.

I just got the new CD, I'm so Glad by Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band, and when I popped it in and the music started, my kids were instantly in love with it! In this CD, the music varies from rock to folk/pop, from reggae to world music. Songwriters Alex Mitnick and Alan Bell are known for songs that engage children physically — with strong rhythms and catchy melodies — and mentally — through witty, insightful, empowering lyrics about self-awareness, nature, and the importance of understanding one's role as part of a community. And I love that about this CD!

Our favorite song from the CD is the first song, "I'm So Glad." It has a great message of gratitude for the little things we often forget such as our feet for walking, our family and friends, and our ability to learn and explore. When my son first heard it, he started telling me other things he was grateful for! Plus, it has directions to get the kids moving like "Clap Your Hands." Check out the music video here. I also love that it incorporates the Nigerian folk song "Fum Wah Alafia Ashe Ashe" ("Give me peace, let it be so…").

All the variety of music and lyrics on this CD has made it a fast favorite with my kids. From a song about crocodiles to the sing-along "The Tongue Song," this is one super fun CD your kids and you will love! This would make the perfect stocking stuffer for all the kids on your Christmas list!

You can find this album, I'm So Glad online at,,, and iTunes.

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  1. Sounds like great fun. I miss doing programs with the children at the library and using these type of CD's for them. It is hard to just sit and not move with the music. My granddaughter is about 11/2 and loves to move with music. This will be a good CD for her to grow with.
    Thanks for the review.


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