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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Busting at the Seams!

Since our family has grown to a family of five, I feel like we are busting at the seams, especially with our vehicles. We have two cars - an Oldsmobile Alero and a little Hyundai Accent. They fit our family of four just fine, but to try to squeeze three car seats in the back seat is nearly impossible.

So, now we are on the hunt. We have to find a vehicle that has a third row, so we can fit everyone.

My first thought was to check out Toyota. I have always had good experiences with past Toyota vehicles, and I feel they are good quality, so I checked them out. They have some really nice looking vehicles with third seating like the Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia and the Land Cruiser.

I personally like the Land Cruiser the most, but since we are moving and paying two mortgages, it is just not in our price range. That is when I checked out the Toyota Land Cruiser Incentives. I learned more about Toyota Land Cruiser discounts and offers on cash back, APR and lease, but sadly, there is still no way we can afford it right now.

I will keep it on my dream vehicle list. In the meantime, I am heading to the nearest used car dealership to find our next family fun wagon.

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  1. We don't need such a large vehicle anymore, but will have to get a new one soon - we have a 2000 Saturn with almost 270,000 miles on it. I love this car and hate to have to get a new one. We want something that gets good mileage and is comfortable and spacious for trips. When our three were young, we had to go the van route. Two teenaged girls with a hyperactive 5 year old sitting between them was no fun on trips, short or long.

    Good luck with your car shopping.


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