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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Choose Organic Mattresses

Starting over 5 years ago, I have been on the journey to live a more natural, healthful lifestyle and take my health and wellness into my own hands. One of the areas I have been working on is switching out our regular furniture for safer organic or naturally made alternatives. In the last couple weeks, I researched and found an organic twin mattress for my growing son to upgrade to from his organic crib mattress. Let me go into why I think organic bedding is so important for families who are trying to live safer, healthier and more natural lives.

Since we are not made of money in our household, I have had to prioritize where we should start going organic with furniture, because it can get a little pricey. We have decided to start with our bedrooms, since we do spend 1/3 of our lives in bed! You want to be choosy about what mattress you have, what linens, what pillows, and you want to think about what helps you have great quality sleep. Think of it as another investment in your health, because that is what it is!

Regular mattresses consist mainly of materials made by the petroleum industry (polyester, elastic and polyurethane), polybrominated diphenyl ether (PDBE) flame retardants, glues and dyes. They also may contain pesticide residues. As regular mattresses age, they become more toxic as the flame retardants and pesticide residues bind with household dust. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are made from natural rubber, organic cotton and organic wool. They are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites.
After researching which mattress was safest and the most affordable for us, I chose the No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra Twin Mattress by Naturepedic. I found and purchased this mattress from, which is a great site to shop from for all things healthy and natural.

I chose this mattress because it is made from undyed and unbleached organic cotton, which means it is grown free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. The outer waterproof surface is 100% polyethylene, which is an environmentally friendly plastic that is known in the food packaging industry for its non-toxicity.

This mattress also has non-toxic fire protection. Naturepedic uses a chemical-free barrier consisting of baking soda and hydrated silica that is bonded to cellulose. Hydrated silica is a primary ingredient in natural toothpaste.

Yes, it is a little spendy at $599.00, but the difference it makes in our lives is well worth it. I can sleep better just knowing that my family isn't breathing in toxic flame retardants and other harmful chemicals.


  1. You made a great choice. It is a great crib mattress and your baby will now get a good nights sleep on a healthy mattress. Congratulations to you from The Organic Bedroom in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  2. I will be letting my daughter know about this website and product. Their daughter won't be transitioning from her crib for a while so they have time to save for the mattress. It is a shame that products that are good for us cost so much more.

    1. Great idea! It is too bad for the expense, but why are those cheap products so cheap?

  3. I wish I had the choice of an organic mattress when my children were very young. I am now trying to find all chemical free products for my family.
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