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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tamra's Birth Story

This story is from another of our readers, Tamra. Thank you for sharing your heartache, and I hope that through it others will be blessed.

I was traumatized by the birth of my first child. It was a series of things I will never do with my second birth. My water broke before I had any contractions. When I rang my Doctor she said to come in and then they decided to induce me because they were worried about infection. So 4 hours later the contractions were coming hard. I really wanted a natural birth but gave in and got the IV drugs (never do it again) I was so drugged I could barely get my eyes to stay open yet was aware of everything around me, I just couldnt get the energy to speak or say what I wanted. I was pushing when the lights went out as there was a storm outside. They come back after a few minutes but it didnt matter to me my eyes were closed anyway. My son arrived and I opened my eyes enough to see him briefly before they took him away and then the Dr did somehting I'll never understand. She removed the placenta instead of waiting for it to come out. It was change of shift the nurses were busy I said 'Am I still suppose to be having contractions' they said 'oh yeah thats normal'. I said 'I'm in agony' but they ignored me put my son on my arm and left. I was in so much pain I couldnt even hold my son in my arm or look at him my husband had to ome and get him. I pressed the buzzer for help twice and no one came by then I felt a gush betweeen my  legs and knew something was wrong pushed the buzzer again when they finally came I could hardly speak. I said I'm in agony. It was worse then the birth itself, far worse. Then nurse had a look and started rushing everywhere, my room was filled with people there was blood going all over the floor. I looked over at my husband holding my baby and thought that was it I was dying. I was weak for longer then 6 weeks I think they should have given me a transfusion. In the end I was happy to be alive and my son was healthy, but I will always be upset I never got the joy of those first few hours with my son of nursing him and seeing him open his eyes for the first time. You can't ever get that moment back.



  1. Birth is a natural process,but too often the medical community interferes and then doesn't follow through. The doctor should never have done what she did, and she obviously didn't pass the word along. It is unreasonable for them not to come back and check on you to make sure you were OK. The fact that you rang for them and they didn't respond is even worse.

    We have had questionable experiences with doctors through 6 pregnancies. It is amazing what some of them consider adequate and good treatment. At least you have a healthy child. I have known too many who have had miscarriages or had children who were still born or died within a few days. Those first few hours are important, but at least dad was there to hold him.

  2. I agree. Birth is a natural process. I wish doctors would look at it as more of that and less of a problem that needs to be fixed or medicated.

    That is why I am so thankful for my home births and my midwives that believe the same things I do about birth and our abilities to birth our babies as strong, healthy women.


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