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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patricia's First Baby's Birth Story

This story is from our reader, Patricia. She is sharing one of her three birth stories. Thank you!

We had 3 children and all three deliveries were very different.  My husband was in the
Air Force for all three of our children.  Luckily, he was home for their births.

Our first:  My husband had flown that day and we were having dinner.  I got up to get

something, felt a little pop and my pants were wet down to my knees.  My water broke.

My first reaction was to get the giggles and declare I had changed my mind about having

a baby.  Fat Chance.  We called the hospital and they said to come in.  A friend was on

duty that night and told me that because my water broke, if the baby wasn't born within

24 hours, they would do a C-section.  Things did not progress much at all.  When she

went off duty, she said I would still be there when she came back on the next day.  She

was right.    I was having contractions, but they were weak and ineffective.  By the next

morning, I was tired and still only dilated to 3 cm.  The doctor tried to dilate me with his

fingers a couple of times.  Not pleasant.  They tried a patosin, but that didn't really work.

Rather than nice contractions, I went into constant, painful spasms.   What was really

frustrating, was that after I had been there over 12 hours and was still on 3 cm, a couple

came in, was in the labor room for about and hour, then delivered.  Less that 3 hours of

labor and delivery.  Not fair.    They finally decided to do a paracervical block.  When they

started, I was barely 4 cm.  I had dilated to 9 cm before they could finish.  I went to the

delivery room and had another surprise.  My contractions were so mild, I could barely

tell they were happening.  The nurse had to put her hand on my stomach and tell me I

was having one so I could push.  Thank goodness I had good strong abdominal muscles.

They did all the work.  The doctor decided at this point he wanted to do a spinal block.  I

knew they weren't done if you had back problems so I lied and said I had an injury. The

baby wasn't delivery properly and it was discovered she was transverse.  The doctor

grabbed her head to try to rotate her  around.  All he managed to do was scratch her head. 

They had me roll to my side and push and that moved her around.   I was finally able to

push her out, no thanks to my uterus.  In the process, I popped many blood vessels in my

eyes and strained my throat.  I had black and blue eyeballs and a hoarse voice fore over

a week.  She was worth it.   Afterwards, I was starved.  I hadn't eaten for over 24 hours. 

The hospital kitchen was closed and the base was 20 miles from the nearest town.  My

husband went to base ops on the flightline and brought back a cheeseburger and a

creamsicle milkshake.  I don't think anything has ever tasted so good.  A note on the

stitches after the episiotomy.  My husband stopped counting at about 125.  I think the

doctor got a bit carried away when he cut me.

A note on the doctor.  He was everyone's least favorite person.  He was rude, had terrible
bedside manner, and didn't listen to his patients.  He tended to do spinals on all his patients
whether they needed them or not.  That stopped the year after I had our daughter when
he had one go up instead of down and he almost lost the mother and baby.  My brother and
his wife came up to see us a few months later.  My sister-in-law is a nurse and was looking
through the baby book.  When she came to the entry with the doctor's name, she said "That can't be THE Dr. L....P...."  Afraid so.  He had done his residency where she was doing her
training during nursing school.  He was fired because he was such an obnoxious person.


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