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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Friend Paris Children's Book Series

I have found that it is very important to educate big sisters and big brothers about a new baby before the baby's arrival. In the past, I have had a lot of success with "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" books. They make my children feel special and celebrate their part in our growing family.

I was recently introduced to the My Friend Paris children's book series, which follows a young California girl through the birth of her twin sisters and various stages of family life, including vacations to Tahoe, LA, and France.

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One of the neatest things about these books is that they are written by a young San Francisco Bay Area author. Paris Morris, who started writing and having her books published when she was eleven. As a now 14 year old girl, I love the way Paris so honestly and simply writes about welcoming her newborn baby sisters home, her family, summer vacation trips her family takes and places she visits.

My son especially loved reading their recently released, My Twins' First Birthday. Sometimes he still deals with the jealousy that comes with being the oldest sibling, and this book helped him realize that it can be fun to help celebrate and plan other siblings' special moments.

These books would be great to give siblings of new babies, at a baby shower or just a special gift from Mom and Dad for them when everyone's focused on the newborn(s.)You can buy them online in several different stores. 

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  1. my kids are 13 months apart so i wasn't able to prepare my son for his brother, but he reverted back to being a "baby" and acting out. it caught me off guard since i didn't think we would have issues.

  2. New babies take so much time and effort. It is easy for older children to fell left out or ignored. We tried to include ours along the way, discussing what was going on, having them at the hospital as soon as possible after the baby was born, and giving them their own "baby" (doll) to bring home from the hospital.


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