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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mama and Baby Yoga DVD Review

After you give birth to your baby, the challenges to be a healthy mom and have a happy baby at the same time get a lot bigger! You have a crying, needy baby, and you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, overtired, and more, but you are also trying to exercise, eat right and lose the baby weight. What is a woman to do????

Shiva Rea has a great answer to that question with her new DVD - Mama and Baby Yoga. I LOVE that Shiva offers new mothers a workout that incorporates their newborn into the practice. In this DVD, she leads women through yoga poses specifically designed to tone and reshape the parts of the body that change the most during pregnancy.

Mama & Baby Yoga offers three 20-minute practices, plus a 10-minute bonus downloadable practice:

·        Mother’s Body Toning– Focuses on floor work, incorporating effective stretching and toning poses to firm up post-baby bodies.

·        Rising up– Features standing poses to strengthen and lengthen muscles, helping to regain pre-baby shape quicker; while incorporating gentle rocking and connecting with baby.

·        Mother’s Core Practice– Focuses on strengthening the core and helping new moms regain muscle tone, including gentle lifts and resistance work with baby.

·        Bonus Download: Daily De-Stressors– Features poses new moms can use to counteract the daily stresses infants place on a mother’s body.

Like I said above, my favorite thing about this DVD is that it involves the baby in the routines, allowing mother and child to bond throughout the practice. All of the different programs I listed above are exactly what a new mother needs as she starts to rebuild her strength after the huge life change of giving birth. Since they are only 20 minutes long, they are easily manageable in your busy life. Plus, it is just such a beautiful way to bond with your baby!

I am a huge fan of this DVD, and I recommend it to all new moms! Relax, build strength, lose weight, rejuvenate and bond with your baby - all at the same time!

You can find this DVD on Gaiam's website for $14.98. You'll love it!

 Also, make sure to check out my free total body prenatal workout!

*Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.*

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  1. I will have to look into this for my daughter. Her daughter is now one and this would be perfect for them. She needs to relax because she has a stressful job. Combining that with quality time spent with her daughter is great.


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