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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ashley's Birth Story

Thank you, Ashley, for this uplifting birth story! It makes me really excited again to have my second home birth!

For my first two babies my water breaking was my first sign of labor, so when I asked my midwife what I could take to prevent that she told me extra vit E. I added that into my vitamin regimen and hoped it would help. It didn't! My water broke around 1 AM and mild contractions started right away. After getting everything how I wanted it in my home I did a lot of rocking with the exercise ball on my hands and knees. Soon the contractions were coming every two minutes, not to hard, but I decided to call my midwives anyway (I waited too long last time). By 5 am the contractions had really kicked in and I started wondering why I decided to do this again.  Soon I was feeling pushy but was not fully dilated so I had to wait. It was so hard but I found that sitting on the birth stool was the only way I could handle them.

Finally I was ready to push and my baby came with only two contractions. When my baby was born I saw this full head of hair and I thought this must be a girl because my boys did not have barely any. I was so happy when I got to look and see that she was a girl! I am so thankful for my midwives (my mother-in-law and sister-in-law) and so happy and thankful for the family the Lord has blessed me with.


  1. This is a great story! I am pregnant with my first. Can I ask why you wanted to prevent your water breaking from being the first sign of labor? I am using a midwife and doing a home birth too :)

  2. If the water breaks first it makes it harder for the baby to rotate if necessary. Also it is suppose to cushion the baby. My main reason for wanting to keep it intact was because it is very irritating having to walk around with a washcloth between your legs!


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