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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earth Day Tip #6

I hope you are enjoying these Earth Day Tips. In fact, I hope you are more than enjoying them. I hope you are having a blast putting them into practice, feeling good about helping the planet and saving yourself some serious moola.

Today's tip is about being diligent with the lights! Remember how your parents were always reminding you to turn off your bedroom light and the bathroom light? Let's be like them!

Why is this so important? Get this: Electricity is generated by "fossil fuels" like oil, which are non renewable resources. This means that one day, it'll dry up. Here's the good news: it's not too late to conserve! Starting now is better than not starting at all.

Here is a way to make a bigger impact! Get your whole family involved! For your child(ren), assign them the very important task of "Energy Guardian" or some other creative name. Explain to them how important of a job this is and watch them get really excited about it.

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  1. I always find it interesting when I pass a house and literally every room is lit up. Some of those houses I know have only 2 occupants. We keep the lights on in the room we are occupying and that is it. It is such an easy thing to do. When our grandson stays with us, we do need to leave a night light on, but that is the only time.


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