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Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking Another Step Toward Green

Besides being great for the environment, it really feels great to make green, Eco-friendly choices such as: cloth diapers, green and natural cleaning products, organic and local food, recycling, etc. But, this is also an area I think my family can continue to grow in.

My latest goal is to switch out some of my daughter's disposable wipes with cloth wipes. I know, I know, gross. But, just like cloth diapers, you can take away some of the nastiness just by having a good plan to contain and clean them. I am thinking this won't be as bad as it sounds if I just put the dirty cloth wipes right into the dirty diaper and throw the whole thing right into the laundry machine to soak. I think that will be even better than throwing stinky disposable wipes into the garbage can and having to smell them until the garbage gets taken out.

Just by making this little switch, I can save money and save hundreds of baby wipes from landing in a landfill. Check out that chart above showing the cost difference between disposable and cloth wipes. With the natural, organic disposable wipes I am currently using, that adds even more to the cost.

If you already use cloth wipes, do you have any tips or tricks on how to use them? If you don't use them, I encourage you to just give it a second thought. Let's go greener together!


  1. Hi. I have used cloth wipes and washable diapers....they are not fun but I agree they are much greener. Using them is not convenient which can make it hard because we live in such a high speed society so normally convenience is everything. We still invested in the washable diapers and wipes and used them when we were at the house or my mothers house. We used the disposable diapers when we were out and about. This way we still cut down on using disposable diapers and going out in public a little easier.

  2. We already use cloth wipes. They work great at home and I just wet them as needed. They clean up the messiest diapers well...I usually only need 1 wipe. They are not as convenient when we're away from home, but I still use them, mainly because I just forget to buy disposable wipes since I'm never on the diaper aisle at Wal-Mart! Depending on where we are going to be, I either take a peri bottle and wet as needed, wet before I go and keep them in a wipes case, or wet them while we're gone in a restroom.

  3. I agree that it is harder to use cloth when you are out and about. But, using them even at home makes a huge difference! Thanks for your thoughts, ladies!

  4. I've heard about some folks who are using these instead of toilet paper. I was wondering ... what do you soak the wipes/diapers in before washing? Thanks for this post!

  5. I just soak mine in water. Then wash. Then I sometimes rinse with vinegar. Hope that helps!


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