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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Van's Natural Foods-Gluten-Free Waffles

Busy, Busy, Busy....that is how my new year started (ok, much like last year ended). I was running off to fitness class, and my husband was just getting home, and the boys were off to play a game of basketball. What about a healthy, homecooked meal on January 2, the first Monday of the year? Was I going to break one of my resolutions so soon?

Ok, how about breakfast for dinner? How about Waffles? In the toaster? Healthy? As I grabbed my mat, and headed out the door, I rattled off instructions to my 12 year old-"There's a couple of boxes of Van's Waffles in the freezer. Make them, and let me know if you like them.....and save me a couple...bye!"

Before you cringe at what seems like my not-so-caring dinner, you should know that I was instructing them to make Van's Waffles, not just any ordinary frozen waffles. Here's what makes them so much better:
The variety I tried were the Wheat free/Gluten Free/Dairy Free variety in regular and apple cinnamon. Not made with processed flour, not made with corn syrup, not made with fillers....just whole, wholesome see, I do care! So does Van's. They know how hard it is for people just like me, with families just like mine, to find a breakfast, snack, or dinner that is quick, easy, and healthy.

But what about taste? Ahhhh, I asked the expert: my 13 year old who is ultra picky. He said, "Yeah, they're good. Can I have some more?" I agreed. I ate one plain, right from the toaster, and it was tasty, crunchy, and filling...all things a waffle should be. The next day, I made an apple cinnamon one, and spread some macadamia nut butter over it....I think I found my new favorite snack!

If you are looking for a quick, easy, nutritious, gluten free, dairy free, family pleasing food, go for Van's Waffles.
*Cathy was provided this product to review with no obligation to write a positive post*

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