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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mixed Emotions....

Mixed emotions about my giveaways today. On one hand, I am overjoyed to share great products with you! I love sharing and making your day!

On the other hand, I don't know what is going on with my site. I can't scroll down to see my blog comments unless I am on Firefox. Once on Firefox, I still can't see the comments numbered anymore. So, in order to pick a giveaway winner, I have to hand count out all the entries. It is hugely time consuming and frustrating!!! I have emailed blogger several times with no response. I tried to re-insert the number codes again - nothing.

So, if anyone has any ideas on how to help, I will LOVE you forever!!!!

In the meantime, here are my giveaway winners. I am overjoyed for you! Congrats!
Little Duck Organics - #143 - Emily

Diaper Rite Diaper - #211 - Trista Z.

Perfect Foods Bars - #83 Amber
                                 #125 Orangefukurou
                                 #91 llinda29

Fruta Vida - #63 - BowieTip

Bellflower Book - #101 - Amy16323 - #225 - brich2222

Congrats again. Have a fabulous day, everyone!


  1. Use Rafflecopter instead? Way easier for both entering and picking a winner!

  2. Hey there! I've never had numbered comments and when I used to have giveaways it took me forever to count and recount to make sure I had the right winner! I switched over to Rafflecopter and now they do all the work (: I highly recommend it and I think (from what I've heard from giveaway entrants) that it's easier to enter as well!
    They also have a search option where you can search entries for things like "Facebook" and you can see how many Facebook fans you/your giveaway sponsor gained from a particular giveaway. I just think that's kind of fun (:

  3. Thanks, Ladies. I will work on Rafflecopter, and I will try to get it going before my vacation. Thanks for the great ideas!


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