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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zaggora HotPants Review

Have you ever tried to take the easy way out when it comes to weight loss? I know I have! Just the other day I was dreaming of donating my fat to those less fortunate........I've also tried many products that claim to be super easy, quick fixes, and the answer to my wishes of thin thighs.....

Then, I was given a product to try....HotPants. The claim is that you will sweat off enough of your cellulite in just a couple of weeks to be two sizes smaller. Here is what Zaggora, the creator of HotPants says on their facebook page: Get a 60 minute workout in 20 minutes whilst also reducing the visible appearance of cellulite as you can lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks. The claim is that the technology inside the pants heats up, therefore creating sweat and more cellulite loss.

Here's something I really like about the HotPants....they don't work if you don't work out. I did a little test: I put them on and wrapped myself in an electric blanket, just to see if I would sweat. I did not! This is not a quick fix; you have to move it! To me, HotPants were a little thick....I compared them to wearing a wetsuit. Did they make me sweat when I worked out? ABSOLUTELY! They were drenched after my workout, but, I worked out for 45 minutes, not just twenty. I also wore a pair of yoga pants over them.

How did they work in the 2 weeks I wore them? It is really hard to tell.....I have been really watching what I eat, and exercising like crazy for the past couple of months....and I have indeed lost many pounds and inches. But was that because of the HotPants? I don't think so. Did they help? Yes, I think so. Would I recommend spending the $70 plus dollars on them? Sure, if you have the extra funds. You will definitely sweat more! To learn more about HotPants, or to purchase them, head on over to the Zaggora website.
* Cathy was provided this product to review, and she was under no obligation to write this post.*


  1. Definitely looking for an easy way out! I'll have to try these.
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  2. So I just completed my 2-week challenge today! I wore my hot pants (size Med) constantly - to bed, to my hot yoga class (sooo hot!), on my treadmill almost every day. I only took them off to wash them. Final results: no change, honestly. I am exactly the same weight (166.4 lbs at starts, 166.2 lbs now), and my measurements are identical (in some cases, up by .5 in.). No noticeable change in the (very visible!) appearance of cellulite. One plus: my skin is baby soft! Great, but probably not worth the money. You may want to think twice before buying! :)

  3. Didn't you say that on some other website?? Are the hot pants THAT disappointing that you have to go to every review site and post the same thing, Ms. You may want to think twice? :-p


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