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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

The downside to all the fun and joy of Christmas is that there is a lot of waste. I remember as a child, wrapping paper and boxes and packaging all over the entire living room floor. We had to use a whole trash bag just to throw it all away. Sad....

There is so much you can do to have a more eco-friendly, less wasteful Christmas. One of those things is to make your own wrapping paper. You are probably getting lots of packages in the mail during the holidays, so use that packaging paper to make beautiful, meaningful wrapping paper.

Try to smooth out the crumpled packaging paper.

Ask your child to draw whatever beautiful pictures they are inspired to draw. Or you can draw pictures or write special words yourself.

Here is our finished product. We used the paper to wrap a special gift for a friend. I have a feeling the wrapping paper will be treasured, as well as the gift inside.

Be creative, take a few moments out of the busyness, and recycle.



  1. What a creative thing to do and fun for any child! Good thinking! I think I'll try that this year!

  2. I love the idea of Make Your Own Wrapping Paper. You get to recycle, share your kids artwork with friends and family (not just the fridge), and save money too!! Have you ever tried the comic section of the paper? I save them out of the paper all year and everybody I know loves it and the comics from the paper are stronger than the comics wrapping paper you can buy.


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