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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Body Bar Flex

Whether you are a fitness beginner, hard core fitness buff, or personal trainer, you are going to love this awesome gift idea from Body Bar.

Body Bar Flex is a flexible composite rod with easy-grip durable rubber casing and end caps. Don't get it confused with a weighted body bar. It only weighs one pound, but the 4-foot Body Bar Flex can be used to stretch and work on balance. It also offers resistance for body toning when you bend it into an arc. It offers resistance ranging from 0 to 20 pounds depending on how you use it and how far you bend it.

As a fitness trainer, I love the Body Bar Flex!! It is so versatile! Instead of having 5 different sets of weights and stretching bands, I can use this body bar to work out myself and my clients. It is the perfect holiday gift for any age. And you don't have to be a fitness trainer to know how to use one. They have an awesome Body Bar Flex Basics DVD, which you can follow for a great workout. They also have tons of great free resources available on their website, such as: an exercise chart, office workout chart and workout video.

The exercise above is just one of the many ways to use the Body Bar Flex. I love to do this one with my clients for upper and lower body toning at the same time! I love that it isn't hard on your hands like a heavy, rough weight can be. No blisters or cramping fingers with the Body Bar Flex.

This is one of my new favorite fitness tools, and I can't wait to think up even more ways to use it!

I highly recommend the Body Bar Flex for all of you who love working out, love stretching, or want a great rehab tool. It is priced at $39.99, which includes fitness tips and an exercise chart. I think this is a steal of a deal when you realize how versatile it is.

*Cara was provided product to review, and she was under no obligation to review if she so chose. Nor was she under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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