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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Write, Publish and Market Your Own Book Review

My husband is a fantastic writer. He writes poetry, and it is oh-so-good! He is also now using his creative genius writing talent to write a book. I am soooo proud of him, and I want to support him as much as I can. It can be a complicated process to become a published author, so I started looking for books to help him write, publish and market his own book.

I found the perfect book from Acapella Publishing - Write, Publish and Market Your Own Book. How much more perfect can it get, right? Exactly. This book is so perfect for all writers and authors!

bookcovermini.jpg (13548 bytes)

It is full of really good tips for all three steps in its title, and the author is really encouraging. The author, Patrika Vaughn, is uniquely qualified to write this book. She has served as a literary agent, professional writer, ghostwriter, and teacher of creative writing for more than 20 years. Her works have appeared in more than 100 national publications and she is listed in The International Authors and Writer's Who's Who. She is also a Marketing and Public Relations Consultant serving business, industry, non-profit corporations and individual authors. That is one qualified woman!

As I read through this book, I kept wanting to share what I was reading with my husband. But, shhhh...this is a Christmas present for him, and I had to keep my mouth zipped. There is so much good information that it has made it really hard to hold inside. I can NOT wait to share it with him, and see how excited he gets as he starts reading!

This is a perfect gift for everyone you know who loves to write, has thought about becoming an author, wants to market their book(s) better, or needs encouragement in any of those areas.  Buy it in paperback for $19.95 or PDF or ePub e-book for only $4.99!

*Cara was provided product to review, and she was under no obligation to review if she so chose. Nor was she under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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