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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celtic Complexion Review

Are you sensitive? I am. I'm not talking about crying at the drop of a hat or getting upset easily. I'm talking about your skin. I have Polish, German, and Irish blood...My eyes are blue, my hair is blonde, and my skin is white with patches of pink. I love my DNA, but my skin reacts poorly to anything it doesn't like, and that is pretty much everything.

Jennifer Devlin felt the same way. In her early 20's she started suffering from rosacea. Rosacea is referred to as the "Curse of the Celts". If you have rosacea, the capillaries on your chin, nose, and cheeks are visible. Jennifer decided to become a professional makeup artist so she could learn how to hide her rosacea. After years of using heavy makeup to conceal her problem, she consulted a holistic esthetician to help her heal. By eliminating all of the toxins, and only using pure, organic products, she was able to heal her skin. This inspired her to become an esthetician, and create her own product so that she could help others with the same issues.

Celtic Complexion is a beautiful line of all natural, all organic skin care solutions. Every product is hand crafted without Water, Parabens, Alcohol, Dyes, Fragrances, GMO's, or Synthetic Chemicals. Using just the smallest amount of this product will produce results.

I have used the Celtic Complexion Cream over the past 3 days. I honestly can say, I have never felt such velvety skin. There is no water in these products. That means that there is nothing to evaporate. Once you put the cream on, it stays on; it doesn't fade away.

I have also used the Peppermint Lemongrass Natural Lip Balm, and find that my lips are not parched anymore; they are smooth and soft.

Although I do not have rosacea, I do get patches of itchy skin on my arms. Sometimes the itch is so bad, that it wakes me up at night, and my scratching leaves scars. I just applied 6 drops of the Calming and Soothing Serum to an annoying patch, and to my amazement, the irritation left immediately.
In my teens and into my twenties, I was a cosmetic, "if you make it, I will try it junky". I wanted every lotion and potion out there to hit my skin. Now, heading out of my thirties, I realized, just like the inside of my body, my skin has had enough of the toxins. Dioxins, Parabens, Glycol, and Phthlalates, commonly found in many products are just plain wrong for your body. Just as I am starting to feed my insides only natural, mostly organic foods, I am also feeding my skin the same. I found my new go-to, this-is-all-I-will-ever-need skin cream, sunscreen, and lip balm. I am heading over to Celtic Complexion to purchase the Youth Infusion 7 Serum.

Luckily for me and our readers, Jennifer has offered us a generous discount! When you enter the code YOURWORLD, you will get 20% off until November 30th. You need to put this on your gift giving list for anyone who suffers from rosacea, or who wants to have the softest skin possible.

*Cathy was provided product to review, and she was under no obligation to review if she so chose. Nor was she under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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