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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How and Why to Cook Tasty Pumpkin Seeds

I love pumpkins, because you can use almost all of the pumpkin without any waste, including the seeds! In fact, pumpkin seeds are super healthy for you and can be really tasty!

Did you know there are 5 grams of protein and fiber per 1-ounce of pumpkin seeds? Plus, they are a  good source of zinc and magnesium!

But, how do you make those slimey suckers taste good?

I start by picking them out of the slimey sludgy inside of the pumpkin. (This is great fun to do with children, because the texture is so fun to touch) After I have them separated from the slime, I rinse them off in a colander until they look clean and shiny, as you can see below.

Then, I grab my baking sheet, spray it with nonstick cooking spray, and then comes the fun part! You can sprinkle these boring-looking seeds with whatever seasonings you want to fit your mood.

In the mood for sweet? Sprinkle them with a cinnamon, sugar, salt mixture.
In the mood for spicy? Try sprinkling chili powder, cinnamon and a bit of salt.
How about just salty? I like to sprinkle sea salt and a bit of garlic salt on. 
The combinations are really experiment with what you like best!

Then, roast them on the baking sheet for 10 minutes at 325 degrees and voila! You have some tasty snacks that will energize and fill you up! Don't they look delicious?


  1. Great post! I was just wondering how to bake these so they taste great! :)

  2. Hi, I write a blog about children and adult health topics, vitamins, nutrition, etc. at
    This post was a really good idea with Halloween coming up. More people should cook pumpkin seeds. I didn't know how to do it until I read you blog.

  3. I love making pumpkin seeds!! They are so good. I like to bring them tailgating and they're always a huge hit!

  4. And it's not just pumpkin seeds! I do this with all squash that I'm cooking during the winter, with equally yummy results.

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