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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. I want to give you examples of how I am doing it through weekly updates, and I am hoping some of you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas too.

So, here we go! I hope this helps and inspires all of you!

In my life this week...
Well, I had my birthday, which was a near disaster. I had my husband's birthday, which was great fun for him. I started my new Fall session of fitness classes. That is always great, because I get to see all my fitness friends and meet new ones.

I am inspired by...
my sister. Last weekend, she taught me many valuable lessons, and her openness inspired me to open myself up a little bit and allow myself to feel. That is a huge struggle for me.

My favorite thing this week was...
my husband telling me how great his birthday cake tasted.

What's working/not working for me...
Working - my body. My body is working its butt off with all these new fitness classes.
Not working - I am still struggling with feeling inspired in the kitchen. I do not want to cook anymore. I just have to keep on keeping on until I like it again.

Questions/thoughts I have...
Why don't I ever let myself cry?

Things I'm working on...
I am working on enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

I'm reading...
children's books with my kids, the book of Hosea in the Bible

I'm cooking...
Stir fry today. I am still trying to invent new ways to use my summer squash.

I'm grateful for...
Family!! They love you like no one else.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

Quote - You are not defined by the work you do/don't do.

Please email me if you would be willing to be interviewed in the upcoming weeks. I would love to learn from you all! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cara, here is an idea for summer squash that I used years ago when my kids were little. I lost the original recipe but you can experiment a little. It is forgiving. Beat some eggs - probably half a dozen, add salt, pepper, rosemary (I used fresh) and grated cheddar cheese probably about a cup. Add grated squash. Stir into buttered muffin tins. You can use a casserole dish but the little cups make it more attractive to kids. Bake 350.

  2. Thanks, Ina! That recipe sounds delicious, and I will be trying it out soon...any way to use the summer squash is very exciting to me! :-)

  3. I have an helpful answer to your question .... How do I stop stressing myself out?

    Just my opinion ...
    When we stress, we are worrying.. right?
    I learned this from someone.
    Get a shoe box or something like that and write in big letters .... WORRY BOX ... on it.
    Now .... everytime, you find yourself worrying about something, write the "worry" on a piece of paper and put it in the box.
    Do this everytime something pops up.
    Now.... scheduale one hour or less a week ..(let's say a friday afternoon) and open your box of worries and think about them.
    For the rest of the week.. when something comes up, remind yourself, you only worry about things on the friday = shcedualed time.
    That's it. It seems to work for me.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Your thoughts and tips are what make this blog shine!