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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

Isn't that a song that Kermit the Frog sings?

Maybe Kermit the Frog knew more than I gave him credit for.

When you first get started living a more eco-friendly, "green" lifestyle, it is fun and exciting to see how green you can be. Somewhere between recycling, growing a garden, and composting, living green starts to take time and effort.

I am a passionate advocate for eco-friendly living, because it is a win-win situation. With most things, you are not only helping our planet stay healthier and cleaner for years to come, but you are also saving a lot of cash in the process.

However, lately, I have needed to give myself little peptalks to keep up with this lifestyle.

Every time it is laundry day, I have to tick off the reasons in my head why I should hang out all the clothes on my clothesline instead of using my dryer.

I find it harder and harder to take quick showers and save on water and electricity, instead of relaxing in luxuriously long showers.

I hate seeing the boxes, paper and other recyclables collecting in my garage waiting to be taken to the recycling center.

Kermit was right. It isn't easy being green. But what things in life that are worth something are easy? Not much. Life isn't easy. Doing the right thing isn't easy. Losing weight isn't easy. Being loving to others who don't treat you well isn't easy. But, that doesn't mean we quit.
Find the motivation to continue on! Smile because you have a recycling center nearby. Treasure the fact that you can get fresh, organic produce by walking into your backyard garden. Enjoy the non-smell of nontoxic clean. Feel the warm breeze as you hang clothes on your clothesline. It is worth it, isn't it?

Enjoy living green, because you are making a difference every day! Thank you!


  1. This is a lovely post!
    Its even harder being green where I live. I'm trying to do more things that will help. But we live in a little town and we don't have a recycling center. :/


  2. Oh, bummer! I still can't believe how hard some towns make it to recycle. Keep on keepin' on, Ella!

  3. This is so true --- I enjoy being "green" so much and know it is the lifestyle I WANT to live. But there are times I am just pooped from it!!


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