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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fotobounce Review

As a mother, I try to stay as organized as possible, so I don't go completely bonkers. With my love of photography and my family, I have a ton of pictures, and it is sometimes a part-time job trying to keep them all organized.

If you feel like I do, then you will love Fotobounce, a new downloadable digital photo management application that allows users to manage, store and share full resolution digital photographs securely between a private network of friends and family.

Since I live far away from my family and most of my friends, I love sharing photos on Facebook. The problem with that is that I don't love the public nature of it and who is seeing my pictures. That is why I really love Fotobounce. It is local to your computer, so you have privacy and security, knowing your pictures are stored right on your computer and not a social networking site.

One of my favorite things about Fotobounce is its face recognition technology that automatically detects faces when photos are found or imported. How cool is that? When faces are detected by Fotobounce or tagged by you, this teaches Fotobounce to learn who people are and recognize them again. I love it! Funny story, though. At first, Fotobounce tagged some pictures of me as being my sister. It just shows how much alike we look!

You may be thinking that this sounds complicated. That is what I thought at first too. It was actually quite simple. You just download it to your computer, choose which pictures you would like to download. Then it downloads them very quickly, organizes them for you by date, events, albums, etc.

When you want to start sharing pictures with others, you create a network of friends and family called "bouncers." And it is totally safe and private!

Fotobounce is a great way to save yourself time spent away from your family staring at the computer screen. You will have more time to take pictures and make memories with the ones you love!

To download Fotobounce for yourself, click here. You will love it!


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