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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

B Happy!

In the land of nutritional supplementation, there are many nutrients to choose from and tons of reasons why you need and could benefit from them. Unfortunately, it can be confusing to decide what you should be taking, how much and what brand.

Lucky for you, it is fun for me to sort through all of that and bring you the best information I know and trust. I sort all that hype and gobbly gook and help my clients figure out what might be a fit for them. I really want everyone to actually know why this stuff is going into their body.

Today I am going to help you sort out one of my favorite nutrients, Vitamin B Complex and why it's literally known as the happy vitamin.
So, first let me answer the question, "Why is it called B complex?"

That is because all B vitamins must be taken together in a complex form. This includes Thiamin, Riboflavin, B6, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. (all brands that sell B complex are not created equal, as a matter of fact most regularly skimp on folic acid and the biotin, which is why I recommend Shaklee's B Complex)

Here are some more things you need to know about B vitamins:
-B Vitamins are water soluble. (this means you burn through them, because they are not stored in the body) The more processed "snacky" food you eat, the more B vitamins you need.

-B Vitamins are depleted by these foods : coffee, alcohol, refined sugar and white flour. They are destroyed by sleeping pills, sulfa drugs, estrogen: birth control and hormone replacement therapy.

-B Vitamins convert food to energy.(This is a great thing for your metabolism!)

-Infection and stress increase the need for B's.

-B Vitamins are necessary for normal function by the nervous system.

-B Vitamins assist with the manufacturing of healthy blood cells.

-B Vitamins redistribute fat and convert fat to energy.(Hurray!)

-B Vitamins can reduce the risk of heart disease.

-B Vitamins help prevent birth defects, cervical dysplacia, and colon cancer.

-B Vitamins promote healthy hair and skin.

-B Vitamins support normal growth in children.
(The above information is sourced from nutritionist Barbara Lagoni)

So, do you need B complex? How much B complex do you need?

Looking at the Standard American Diet, I think all of us need B complex. Check the list below to see if you have any of these symptoms. These are just a few of the things that B complex can help with:
•mood changes
•loss of appetite
•and sugar cravings

Use the color of your urine as your gauge. If you take a B complex in the morning and your urine is pale by lunch time you are burning through your B. This means you need to take more, and take it thoughout the day.

Taking B Vitamins can definitely contribute to a shift in attitude! I know they have made a difference for me. In fact, I don't know if I have gone a day without my B Complex for the past six years. B Happy!


  1. This is a great article about the B Vitamins. I never knew how much we can be affected by a lack of this vitamin. It can really help our mood for sure if we have enough in our body. I am glad you said how we can tell if we are lacking B's. Thanks!

    Maryann D.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Thanks for this info. I know I need to pay closer attention to my B vitamin intake.


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