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Monday, July 11, 2011

RevAbs Update - Day 63

For the last 63 days, I have been adding RevAbs workouts to my daily routine. Brett Hoebel (from the Biggest Loser) has become like a friend in our home. My 3 year old son talks about him randomly, and I am like, "Who is Brett?" Then, I get it. It cracks me up, but I love that my son gets to see me exercise daily, and he loves showing me that he can do some of the moves too. It is beyond cute!

I am now into the last 30 days of the program. Brett just introduced two new workouts, Full Throttle Abs and Full Throttle Intervals. I have to say that Full Throttle Intervals is one of my favorite workouts from this program. It is four rounds of hard work, but it feels great! I will say, though, I was hoping Brett would switch up the stretching parts. It has been the same stretching routine almost every day for 60+ days, and I like variety, so it has been dragging on me for awhile.

Throughout this program, I have loved how hard these workouts are. I have loved Brett's motivational messages. I have loved seeing results in my body and in my husband's body. Just a tip for all of you - work out with your spouse! It is fun, motivational, and you get to see them half-clothed! :-)

I have less than 30 days until I am through with RevAbs, and I am really excited to complete this program and see how much my body has changed. I just looked at my before picture and my RevAbs update, and it is awesome to see how much I have changed already. It has been a lot of hard work, but hard work pays off!!!

Stay tuned to see what my final results are in 4 more weeks....

*I received RevAbs from Beachbody to review. All of the above review is completely my opinion, as always.*

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