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Saturday, June 4, 2011

What You Can Do About RF

If you haven't read my first post about RF and the dangers it poses for your health, check it out.

When I first learned about RF, I started taking immediate changes. Obviously, I didn't ditch all technology and go to live on the moon. But, I have stopped using my cell phone unless I need to make a call. I turn it off unless I have to call or check messages. I took out our cordless phone and put in a landline. Here is how you can start taking control of this danger in your life.

Cell Phones -
  • Keep your phone off when driving unless you absolutely need it (especially if your signal is low). While you are in your car, your entire body is exposed to the radiation.
  • Try to avoid holding the phone to your ear. (The Interphone study I mentioned in my last post showed gliomas were more prevalent on the side of the head people continuously pressed phones to) Try to keep it at least 6 inches or more away from your body.
  • Don't use your cell phone as a bedside alarm clock without first disabling the wireless mode.
Cordless Phones - These are almost as strong as cell phones. The phone base is like a mini cell tower.
  • Get a corded phone with an extra long cord so you can still walk around. This will significantly cut the RF levels down in your home.
Wireless Routers - this includes at-home routers and wireless USB cards
  • Ditch your wireless router and plug your computer into a cable modem.
  • If you just can't give up your wireless router, (like me) then make sure you sit as far away from it as possible and turn it off when you are not online. Ours is downstairs, so we get our exercise running up and down turning it on and off.
Laptops -
  • Do not hold your laptop on your lap. I don't think you want to radiate your pelvis. In fact, early studies point to a higher risk of testicular cancer for men who keep RF-emitting devices close to their belts.
  • Try to use a desktop computer at home.
  • Good news - laptops are only an RF danger when the wireless is on, so turn it off if you want to watch DVDs or play with photos.
Baby Monitors - They release more RF than cell phones!!
  • Just don't use one.
  • If you absolutely must, place it as far from your baby's crib as you can - at least 10-15 feet away.
Those are the main RF emitters. But, please, also think twice before using microwaves and compact fluorescent bulbs. They both emit this unfriendly radiation.

Now, please do yourself a favor, and make at least one change from this list. You will be doing your family and yourself a great favor!


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