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Friday, June 24, 2011

Exercise Outside!

Do you have a problem staying committed to an exercise plan, fitness class or personal fitness goal? I just started my summer session of classes, and I am always trying to motivate my groups because I know how hard it can be to stay committed.

Here is some good news that may help you.

Did you know that exercising in nature can help you stay more motivated to stick with it? Yes!! People who get outdoors for even part of their fitness regimen report greater enjoyment of physical activity.  Plus, a recent report in Environmental Science and Technology found that exercising in natural settings melts away tension, depression and anger better than staying indoors all the time.

So, recommit yourself, head outside, and enjoy the beautiful day! (And for all my fitness clients reading this, now you can thank me when I tell you we are heading outside. Ha, ha!)

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  1. Thank you share with us your experience, I like the post, because it has taught me a lot. Thank you to let me continuous learning everyday.


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