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Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Metabolism Boosters

Start your weekend off with a bang! Here are five really great metabolism boosters that you will love! They are so easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

1. Alaskan Salmon – Whether you eat it canned or fresh, it has omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that increases feelings of fullness (so you stop eating sooner). It also revs up your metabolism. Mackerel, herring and sardines are good sources too. Not a big fish eater? Get your omegas in supplement form. But, be careful with fish oil supplements, because you want to look for an ultra-purified one with no toxic chemicals or metals. I use Shaklee’s OmegaGuard.
2. Grapefruit – While I don’t want you going on the “grapefruit diet,” grapefruit does have redeeming qualities. It contains naringenin, an antioxidant that researchers found helps your body use insulin more efficiently, keeping your blood sugar in check and improving calorie burn.
3. Rolled Oats – They not only help you ward off hunger, they also take more energy to digest, so your body burns more calories when you eat them.
4. Green Tea – It contains epigallocatechin, (try to pronounce that one) which stimulates the nervous system – without elevating your heart rate. The Journal of Nutrition reports that people who drank green tea and exercised regularly burned more calories than those who sweated but didn’t sip. Three cups a day can torch up to 80 calories.
5. Hot Peppers – Jalapenos, habaneros, and cayennes don’t just add flavor, they also amp up your calorie burn too. Capsaicin is the chemical to thank for the calorie burn! Research shows that a spicy meal can increase your metabolism by up to 25 percent for 3 hours after you’ve eaten it. So, if you are going to have chips, make sure you dip them in salsa!

Happy Friday!!


  1. I can vouch for the oats. I notice a huge difference when I'm consuming them on a regular basis.

  2. Good to know! I only knew about the green tea and grapefruit.


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