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Friday, April 15, 2011

MyPurMist Review

I am sure most of you know that the FDA recently recalled children's cold and allergy drugs. I am thankful for that, because those have some seriously icky ingredients that can be harmful for our little ones. So, what do you do if your child has a stuffy nose or sinus troubles? One option is this awesome new product that has just come out - MyPurMist.

What is it? MyPurMist is a hand held, portable, humidifier. It is a safe product that uses a new technology for directing warm humidification to naturally relieve sinus symptoms associated with colds, flu, allergies, congestion and dry air. MyPurMist is effective for you and your children (over the age of 2) and because it disinfects (99.9999% germ free) and has no risk of scalding, you and your children can safely use it.

Basically, kids put the little mask around their mouth, breathe in, and the warm mist immediately begins to clear congestion and sinus pressure.

I borrowed this to a friend of mine who has sinus troubles, and she tried it out a couple times. She said it is a really great idea, and it is very kid friendly, but she didn't notice that much of a difference with her own sinus issues.  She really liked how easily you can change the temperature on it, and how quickly it changes.

She also mentioned that it did take the unit quite awhile to fully dry out, so she had to leave it on after she was done using it. And it is also important to note that you should only use distilled water with MyPurMist, so you don't damage it.

There are a lot of people who have had great results with MyPurMist. Head on over and check out some of their stories.

Having said all that, I will for sure be trying this out with my children if they need it, because I love that there is no chance a child will get burned, and it's absolutely germ-free. This is one way to help your child's stuffiness go away without any risk of hurting them. With a 30 day guarantee, I think everyone should give it a try!

Head on over to MyPurMist, read more about this unique product and buy it today for $129.00.

*MyPurMist provided me product to review, and I was under no obligation to review if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


  1. I have been trying to order a MyPurmist for a couple of months, I can't seem to find any for sale. How do I get one?I have allergies year round,get sinus infections every year,and chest colds. Please help. Thank You,Rolanda Clark, 18 north oak st., NY, 12839. email is

    1. Try E-bay. Also Wallgreens. But I bout one and tried it for a week and didn't see any difference. I added some vicks liquid and it stopped working. I personally don't recommend it. maybe it will work for you.


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