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Monday, March 28, 2011

Your Health In Your Hands Book Review

The book I am introducing you to today is a perfect fit for my Healthy Cooking Event. I just know you are going to love it, and I hope each one of you think about getting it, because it will change the way you think about food!!

Your Health in Your Hands is a practical workbook taking you on a journey to understanding foods, how they effect your health and what we call aging. It exposes health and empowers women to take actions and make attitude changes that will affect the quality of your well being in the area of physical health and weight loss. Weight loss alone is difficult if you are just disciplining yourself without understanding. This book develops an understating of principals and strategies that will support lifestyle changes that keep the weight off and you feeling great. The book also includes delicious whole foods recipes to help you directly apply your new knowledge into your life.

The author, Kat Wright, ND, says, "My goal is to help you see what is in the way of permanent and lasting results, implement the necessary habits and create a life of health...I started teaching and coaching wellness principals, macrobiotics and cooking classes to others in 1982. I had seen such a transformation in my husband and my own health after switching our lifestyle habits to a natural health supporting system that I could not help but want to share with others."
I really respect Kat's mission, and I see myself a lot in her. The same things that have motivated Kat to share  health and natural living with others is what motivates me to share those same things with all of you, my readers.

I have got to say - I love, love, loved this book, and I agree with it all 100%. Not only does she know what she is talking about in respect to nutrition, health and aging well, she inspires and gives you the tools to empower you to make changes in your own life. That is what sets this book apart from many other health books. There are sections throughout the whole book where you make different committments to your health and then sign and date it to hold yourself accountable.

The book also has an area for you to journal about what you consume, great foods and recipes to use, and a page for you to commit to your "I am" statement. This is something that you say out loud, write down, expand and make it your own and live it!! Her example (which I LOVE) is "I am living life responsibly and intentionally! I am moving in the direction of optimum health in body, mind and spirit. I eat nutrient-dense foods, exercise my body and mind, take time to rest, and I enjoy family, friends, and work."

I really appreciate all Kat has given us in her book. I recommend it to everyone, and I truly hope you take a moment to commit to your own health goals today.

You can buy this book online here for $24.95. It is an awesome investment in your health! Also check out all the other things that Kat has to offer. She is a wealth of knowledge!

*Kat Wright provided me with this book to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

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