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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daelicious! Cookbook Review

I wanted to kick off my Healthy Cooking event with one of my new favorite cookbooks, "Daelicious! Recipes For Vibrant Living," written by Dr. Daemon Jones.

Daemon Jones, ND “Dr. Dae” is a naturopathic physician and author of this cookbook. Dr. Dae is passionate about helping everyone live there most vibrant, healthy and energetic life. She combines her nutritional expertise with her knowledge of medicine and natural therapies to create safe and effective treatment plans that bring her patients back to vibrant health.  Dr. Dae is a member of the Nutritional Magnesium Association at

In this cookbook, Dr. Dae shows people how to use food as medicine in their own lives, which I love! In the beginning of her book, she states, "To all those people who want to eat well and are afraid it's just not going to taste good. Surprise!" I totally agree with her! That is why I am having this Healthy Cooking Event, because I want to help you see that you can enjoy healthy, easy-to-cook food!

Daelicious! is not only a practical guide full of easy recipes. It also has a section in the back with Food Lifestyles, which are plans that she uses in her practice to help others achieve the healthy they desire.  They aren't fad diets. They are ways of living and eating that will improve and sustain good health. I decided to try out the Detoxification Diet, which is basically a vegan diet that also cuts out all refined and processed foods, canned foods, frozen juices, roasted and salted nuts, and all the other junk that builds up toxins in your body.
She wants you to follow this diet for a specific period of time, like 2 weeks, and then pick up one of the other healthy food lifestyles.

So, I have been doing the Detox Diet for a week now. I love it!! I never thought I could even get past a day, but I have done a whole week, and I feel great! Besides losing weight, my skin is clearer, I feel great, and I'm beginning to treat food a little differently than I have in the past. I now realize even more that it is fuel for your body, not something to calm your nerves, give you a little sugar high, or help you veg out in front of the TV.

I really liked that the food lifestyles in the back go with the rest of the cookbook. At the bottom of each recips is a key that explains which food lifestyles the recipe will support. That helped me plan my meals for the week, because I just look through and found some of the recipes that looked the yummiest and made sure they fit in with the Detox lifestyle. Some of the meals I made were Super Simple Guacamole, Bella Burgers, and Steamed Broccoli. All of them were fantastic and a hit with my whole family!

I highly recommend this book to all of you! It will help you see food differently and give you some awesome recipes to try with your family!

You can find the book here for $19.95.


  1. YUM! I will have to check this out!

  2. There are so many cookbooks out now, that I'm totally overwhelmed. I want to check this out, knowing you like it says much!!!


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