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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicks-N-Chickens Lullaby Exercises DVD Review

Have you ever been holding your little darling baby or someone else's darling baby, and they are screaming right into your ear? You know they are tired, but nothing seems to calm them and get them sleepy. Or maybe you are up at 1 am with your little sweety. They are bright eyed, even though you are droopy eyed. All you want is some sleep, but you don't know how to get your little one asleep. You think you are on the brink of losing your sanity...

I think all parents or caretakers have gone through similar situations, and they are hard moments. Thankfully, another mother went through it too, and she came up with a genius idea to help little ones sleep through dance - Chicks-n-Chickens Lullaby Exercises

"With no time for the gym and a restless baby at hand, Darcy started dancing around the house to get him to sleep...and the idea for chicks-n-chickens Lullaby Exercises was hatched. Her second little chicken, Nolan, arrived a couple of years later and, as a result, the workout was perfected. In Lullaby Exercises, Darcy uses her decades of fitness experience to creatively give moms what they and their babies need most—toning, soothing, bonding, and sleep." 

Lullaby Exercises is a series of fun, easy-to-learn movements—dancing, swaying, stretching & relaxing—that are performed while holding a baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. It’s designed for new moms to share moments with their baby, put a little one to sleep, and to feel good emotionally and physically.

There are two discs included in this set - one for you to stick in your CD player if you just feel like dancing and exercising to the music, and one to stick into your DVD player if you want to dance and exercise along with other mama "chicks" and their baby "chickens." The DVD is about 35 minutes long, and it has two parts: the "groove" and the "sleep" sections.

The first time I tried this DVD with my daughter, I put her in her carrier, and started the "sleep" section. I would say within 5 minutes, my daughter was fast asleep. It was so relaxing for me to finish this soothing section and watch her beautiful face at the same time.

The next day I decided to try both sections starting with the "groove" section. This section includes more exercises for mom that can be done while still holding your baby.  I think this is genius, because I am always wanting to workout, and sometimes my baby's napping time doesn't allow for me to exercise. Now I can hold and soothe my baby at the same time as exercising - perfect!! It isn't that strenuous of a workout, although I will say that the squat segment gave me a pretty good workout for my lower body.

I also tried doing this DVD while just holding my baby in my arms, and that didn't work out for me as well as having her in a front carrier did. I think my daughter likes being very close to me and feeling nice and snug.

The music on each part of this DVD was really relaxing, fun, and soothing. The moves were super easy for a tired brain, and it was really enjoyable for me and my baby. I give this DVD two big thumbs up!

You can buy your own copy of Chicks-n-chickens for $29.95 on their website or find a retailer near you.


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