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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Supplements To Aid Weight Loss

As you know, it is hard to shed pounds. I am trying to get rid of the last few from having my baby daughter a couple months ago. I am a huge advocate for exercising and eating healthfully to lose weight, but I also believe that supplementation plays a big role.

Recent studies are supporting the role that supplementation plays in weight loss. The great part is - there are no side-effects, only benefits! You can have stronger bones, beautiful skin and a healthier heart as a bonus to helping you shed the pounds.

Here are a few supplements that I take that have been shown helpful:

  • Vitamin D - Up to 80% of Americans are not getting enough Vitamin D. At the same time, research is finding more and more health problems that can be caused because of the lack of Vitamin D. Get this, researchers from the U of Minnesota found that the higher the level of Vitamin D that overweight men and women had in their blood before starting a low-cal eating plan, the MORE WEIGHT AND BELLY FAT THEY LOST! How much should you take? Start with 400IU daily, but you may want to bump it up to 1,000 IU, which is the new recommended amount by many leading scientists and organizations. I get mine in my daily vitamin strip, Vitalizer, from Shaklee. You can also get it separately in their Vita-D3 tablets.
  • Vitamin C - Many of us know that Vitamin C helps keep your immune system strong all year long, which is why I started taking it. But, researchers from Arizona State University found that exercisers burned more fat when they were given 500 mg of C in pill form every day for a month than those who didn't up their intake. How much should you take? Start with 500 mg each day. It is a water soluble vitamin, so you want to choose a sustained-release system like Shaklee's Vita-C, which delivers the equivalent of one-and-a-half oranges every hour for five hours. I get mine in my Vitalizer also.
  • Calcium - If you feel full, hopefully you won't overeat, right? Well, the British Journal of Nutrition did a study that found that overweight women who took 1,200 mg of calcium a day lost 13 pounds more in 15 weeks than those who got a placebo. The researchers speculate that calcium makes you feel full. What an added bonus to taking calcium! How much should you take? Try 1,000 mg split into two doses, since your body can't absorb more than 500 mg at a time. I take Shaklee's Osteomatrix, because it also has Magnesium, which you need to incorporate calcium into bones and strengthen them.
There is nothing but good, helpful advice in this article - more ways to get healthy and lose weight! Yay! If you have any questions, please ask away!

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  1. I realize that most Americans are overweight and would appreciate supplements that aid weight loss, but are there any supplements that can help *slow down* one's metabolism? For example, my body digests everything incredibly fast and I can't hold onto weight for the life of me. I know a lot of people would die to have this condition, but I'd like to learn about foods and supplements that can reign in or slow down one's metabolism. :)


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