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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nature's Notebook Review

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone you love this Christmas, here it is. Nature's Notebook by Courtney Noelle makes one of a kind art from beautiful sand writing seaside photography.

Yes, you can have Courtney personalize the message you want in the sand, photograph it, and you will have a one of a kind art piece that will mean so much!! What an awesome idea, right?

Nature's Notebook was born of a spiritual connection to the ocean and its beaches. Drawn to the soft sandy edges of the sea, artist Courtney Noelle has always felt inclined to inscribe words or names, thoughts or dreams into the ever-changing landscape of the beach. Something about its tumultuous fate, an uncertainty that parallels our own lives, makes sea sand the perfect tablet for expression.And what better way to capture that expression, the memory and the magic of the beach forever, than in a photograph.

Courtney Noelle began sharing these captured moments with friends and loved ones through gifts and cards. Soon, people were talking about these special snapshots, encouraging Courtney Noelle to make these gifts available to anyone. Touched, and eager to share this passion with the world, Courtney Noelle began Nature's Notebook, an online collection of photographs and cards using the seas' tranquility to express love and emotion.

You can design your own picture or choose from one of the options that Courtney has already designed such as: friendship, wedding, family, anniversary, new baby, romantic, and many more.

I chose to personalize one of the more romantic options. I had her put my husband and my names in the sand, as well as our anniversary date. It turned out just beautiful! I put the picture in a really neat seashell frame, and it is just one of the most special photos I have!

My picture looks very similar to the Who Heart Who option that Courtney offers. The only difference is that I had our anniversary date written below our names and the heart. Take a look at it and let me know what you think!

You can also choose if you want Courtney to frame your picture, if you want in black/white or color, what size, and whether you want it horizontal or vertical. It is so much fun to plan it out and then see the finished product! Head on over to Nature's Notebook, browse around and personalize your own lovely beach pictures.


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