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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Stick-With-It Health and Fitness Tips

It is so easy to get pumped up about living healthier...for like a week. Then, you start dropping those big goals as fast as lightning and go back to your routine, easy way of life. How about sticking with it this time and actually feeling better, getting healthier, and looking your best? Here are my favorite tips to help you on your health journey. (a journey you will want to continue for your whole life long)

•Appreciate what you have achieved! It's easy to feel like you will never get to your final goals or never be thin enough. But, you need to remind yourself that it was hard work to get where you are at, and maintaining your current weight is no easy task!!

•When you are working out, always build yourself up with self-talk. Reassure yourself how strong you are and how much better you will feel after your workout. Don't leave a workout thinking you could have given more.

•Post a picture of yourself on your fridge from when you were at your heaviest. Use that and a list of reasons you want to get healthy to motivate you!

•Keep a journal - not just for food, but also for exercise. It helps you feel accountable for the decisions you are making each day!

•Know your weaknesses and steer clear of them. If you can't eat just one handful of your fav treat, don't have it in your house, or at least have it out of sight. Instead, always have healthy snacks out in the open.

•When grocery shopping, stay away from processed, packaged food. Spend the most time and money in the fresh food sections.

•Drink lots of water! It helps fill you up, flush out toxins and keep you hydrated. To mix it up, add a few pieces of frozen fruit to use instead of ice cubes. Yum!

•Invest in yourself! If you don't take care of yourself now, who will? Your health should be a major priority!

You can do it! I am always here for any questions or help you need. Leave a comment or email me!


  1. Wow, its most benificial for heath, thanks for sharing.......
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  2. I agree - posting a picture of yourself will motivate you if nothing else will.

  3. I like your idea to build yourself up with self-talk. I find myself "yelling" at myself when I'm not doing my best but have found I get better results when I try to give myself more positive talk. :)

  4. Great tips!
    I want to get rid of all my "trigger foods", the ones that are so tempting, so bad, and so binge-happy for me...but I live with my parents and brother who are unfortunately not currently active in healthy eating either, which means the trigger foods I share with them are around me all the time, and I can't just get rid of it...
    I've tried to remind my parents to not even buy any tempting kinds of foods, but we're always so busy that we always end up going for the convenient, fast, preserved, or frozen foods.. :(
    Any tips on dealing with very busy parents who are the ones that pay for the groceries?
    Thanks! ~ Marianne

  5. Hi Marianne!
    Great question! That is a tough one, but I would lead by example. I would try to buy some of the healthy items you would like yourself, and show them that it isn't hard and it means a lot to you!
    Plus, a lot of times, buying healthy items and cooking from scratch is way cheaper than buying convenient processed food!
    Hope that helps! Thanks for the great question!

  6. Thanks Cara! Even if I can't go to the grocery with them, then I now plan to send them with a list of better and fresher ingredients so that I can cook healthier meals for us all :D (I just gotta learn how hahaha) Thanks again!


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