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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Godfrey Method Children's Book Review

Since I used to be an elementary and early childhood teacher, and since I plan on homeschooling my son, I was very interested to learn about the Godfrey Method. When I was teaching, I was a firm believer in teaching reading using phonics (sounding out words). That is the base of the Godfrey Method too.

The Godfrey Method is an innovative way that empowers parents with the fun tools and know-how to open up the world of possibilities for their children by early reading the right way. The unique picture letters and colorful stories help young children learn phonics faster and easier, giving them the two most important things they need: parent time and reading skills.

This method was created by Shannah B Godfrey, mother of 14 children, former rocket scientist, writer, speaker, and parenting coach. She developed her ground-breaking technique as the solution to her son’s inability to remember letter sounds. It worked so well, she used it to teach her other children to read before kindergarten. Her dad taught her to read when she was only 3 years old, which launched her into a successful academic life and career in aerospace.

I received one of her children's books - "A Pretty Girl Was Alpha Bette." It is a nice story for young children of either gender that uses the Godfrey Method and even includes phonics cards to use any time. I also liked how it rhymed, which children just love! The best part is how Shannah has connected the story and its characters to the phonics cards. Kids can see the letter sounds and pictures both throughout the story and in the cards.

She also gives great tips for using the Godfrey Method. For instance, teach lower case letters, because they are most common in written language. It is important to keep it simple and fun for success!

I love this method and story! I have already started using it with my son, and he just loves it! I will definitely continue to use and expect great success at teaching my children how to read at an early age. I definitely recommend this to all mothers who want to help their children increase their imagination, IQ, and capacity to learn for the rest of their lives!

I am a firm believer that children learn best from their parents, so go check out The Godfrey Method. Shannah has a great video to watch, an awesome blog, and many interesting articles to help you out.

Thank you to Shannah Godfrey for this product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*

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  1. Wow Thanks! I had never heard of the Godfrey Method before. I would love to check it out! Shannah B Godfrey sounds like an amazing woman...rocket scientist to mother of 14!!!


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