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Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Reflections CD Review

I have a lovely lady to introduce you to today: Tami Briggs, the beautiful harpist behind the two Musical Reflections CDs I received recently. I received "Dreaming" and "Cradled On Wings of Love" - which are both relaxing harp CDs.

Let me tell you a little more about Tami, since I think her story is fascinating and inspiring. She is a pioneer in the harp therapy field. Tami has played the harp at the bedside of hundreds of hospital and hospice patients. She uses her clinical training and musical experience to touch patients, caregivers, and staff members. Her music is an oasis of relaxation and peace. It can be heard in the halls of The Mayo Clinic and from coast to coast – City of Hope Hospital in Los Angeles to Baptist Health System in Miami. The statistic that 60% of all illnesses are stress-related motivates Tami to provide products and services for relaxation, comfort, stress reduction, and sleep. Her favorite compliment which she receives again and again is, “This is the most relaxing, healing music I’ve ever heard in my life!”

I would tend to agree with that compliment! When I received her CDs, I immediately stuck them into my CD player. I am a huge fan of music and so is the rest of my family. My 2 year old son was just as excited as I was to listen to these new CDs. I explained to him that this was harp music, and then we had a little lesson about what a harp was and so on. He was just fascinated! The music was so calming, and it really is perfect to help your children relax and fall asleep.

I also have been using these CDs in my yoga and pilates classes. They are so relaxing, they work perfectly. I have had nothing but compliments from my class participants.

"Dreaming" is a collection of beautiful classical songs that features both the harp and the violin. It is over 50 minutes long, and perfect for helping anyone relax or fall asleep. You can buy the CD for $15.00 or the MP3 download for $9.99.

"Cradled On Wings of Love" is a collection of lullabies that features harps, flute and cello. It is also over 50 minutes long and perfect for the nursery! It also sells for $15.00 for the CD and $9.99 for the MP3 download.

Tami also offers other books, DVDs, and many other CDs that focus on relaxation, stress reduction and deep peace. We all need more of that in our lives! Head on over to her website and check all the beautiful things she offers.


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