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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BooginHead Review

BooginHead? You are probably wondering what kind of products this company sells with that silly name? Well, I think the name shows that they are very familiar with small children and the little stunts that they do. BooginHead makes practical products for parents to save us time, energy, and our sanity!

How many times have you picked up your child's pacifier after they threw it out of their bed, stroller, chair, or anywhere else? How many times have you scrubbed your kitchen floor after a food explosion?

These are the kind of problems that BooginHead gives solutions for. Let's first talk about the pacifier problems. I received some awesome solutions to the pacifier drama we all experience - PaciGrip, PaciBed, and PaciPouch.

The PaciGrip is a universal pacifier holder that attaches on one side to your child's clothes with a strong clasp and attaches to their pacifier on the other end. I love how strong the clasp is that attaches to their shirt, so they can't easily pull it off.
The PaciBed is a wonderful velcro attachment that works on any crib or bed post and helps prevent the infamous pacifier hunts. They come in packs of three, and are super easy to use!
The PaciPouch is a godsend for when you are out and about and the pacifier gets thrown on the dirty grocery store floor or in the dirt. You can store the pacifiers in this cute little pouch to keep them clean and close by. It attaches to any stroller or bag with it's snap handle. It can hold as many as 2 pacifiers and 2 PaciGrips. You can also use it to hold other useful small objects.

Now let's talk about another great idea - the BooginHead Splat Mat. It is a useful tool for defense against the messy eater! It is a nice large 52" round mat you can put under your child's chair to catch all the dropped food. I absolutely love that this mat is Phthalate and BPA free!! I also love how much more area it covers than a square mat. And it is so versatile! I also use it for art projects and picnics. All you do to clean it is wipe it clean with a soapy water.
With all the cute patterns to choose from and the great low prices, you can't go wrong with BooginHead products! You can buy them online on their website, at BabiesRUs, Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond, or you can find a retailer near you that carries their products.

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  1. i've never heard of this!! i thought i knew most baby products too LOL


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