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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's All The Fuss About Fiber?

Eat more fiber! That's what the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, and the American Dietetic Association all say we should do. Yet, if you're like most Americans and you're eating white bread and French fries instead of brown rice and broccoli, or drinking apple juice instead of eating a fresh apple, you're probably getting only half the amount of fiber you need every day. And if you're not getting enough fiber, you're missing out on a whole bunch of health benefits. So what exactly is dietary fiber and why is it important?

Fiber is good for your digestive system and so much more! Dietary fiber includes all parts of plant foods that your body can't digest or absorb. Unlike fats, proteins, or carbohydrates in the foods you eat, your body does not break down, digest, or absorb fiber. Therefore, it passes relatively intact through your stomach, small intestine, colon, and out of your body. It might seem like fiber doesn't do much, but it plays several important roles in maintaining your health. In addition to helping your digestive system run smoothly and supporting long-term colon health, a high-fiber diet can also aid in weight loss—and may even help lower cholesterol and help control blood-sugar levels.

So how much fiber do you need every day? Strive to meet the recommended dietary intake for adults, which is 25–35 grams a day, and get the fiber you need by eating a variety of plant-based foods daily. Good choices include oatmeal, beans, berries, nuts, dark, leafy, green vegetables, and whole grain breads and cereals.

If you know you are not getting enough fiber through your diet, consider taking a high quality fiber supplement such as: Shaklee fiber plan tablets, Organic Fiber Advantage Chewy Apple Cinnamon Bars, or Shaklee Fiber Plan Mix, which is also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Fiber supplements are also great, because having plenty of fiber helps you flush toxins out your body, which is something we all need!
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  1. This is a very clear and straightforward explanation of the importance of fiber in your diet. Thank you! I'm wondering what, in general, your stance is on taking vitamins and other supplements? We hear so many conflicting things about supplements!

  2. Thanks, Nell! My stance on vitamins is that you have to be really careful about what supplements you take, since they are not regulated. Good quality supplements, I believe are a must in our world today. We just don't get the nutrients we need through food anymore. But, be careful. Cheap vitamins = junk. I have thoroughly researched this topic for several years, which is why I trust Shaklee supplements. They have truly helped me and my family!
    Great question!

  3. I have never heard one bad thing about Shaklee products! Admittedly, I find it hard to believe that if you're eating a healthy, well rounded diet, you're not getting enough fiber. o_0 But, I've known those people that quite literally live off meat and potatoes, so a supplement would probably have done them good!


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