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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have You Heard of CSN?

I guess the real question I should be asking is, "Who has never heard of CSN?" It is one of my all-time favorite online stores. That is mostly because they have OVER 200 STORES!!! That is pretty amazing, if you ask me, because you can literally find something for anyone across these stores.

I love shopping there, because I am often buying organic and natural products that I find very hard to find at most stores. The bonus about shopping at CSN stores is that they have free shipping on almost everything! You can't beat that!

As you know, my family is growing and we are going to be at max capacity for our kitchen table. That got me thinking about the easy fix of adding a barstool or two to our island. As I was looking through CSN's collection, I was loving this idea more and more. So, whether I decide to go with the barstools or whether I find the perfect Christmas present for that hard person to shop for, I am going to love shopping at CSN this season.

It is a shopper's paradise!


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