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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Glimpsing God" Book Review

I received a wonderful book, "Glimpsing God," by Rachel Alkire a few weeks ago. I actually finished reading this book in THREE days! It was such a beautifully written book that is a really personal look at one mother's emotional struggle as she is faced with challenge after challenge in her family life.

Let me give you a little glimpse into what this story is about: "This dramatic true story begins with typical struggles of a young family and how quickly the storms of life change into hurricane proportions. From a near death experience of the mother of five children to neighborhood bullies smashing the only daughter’s skull. It continues with the devastating blow of an auto accident that leaves the oldest son lifeless on the side of an expressway to revealing the one in a million odds of three of the five children being diagnosed with an irreparable genetic brain disorder. This story concludes with a semi crash on a bridge on a dark stormy night permanently disabling the father."
"How can one family shoulder the unbelievable burdens? How can one woman find peace in the midst of the turmoil tearing at her family? Where is God? Why is He punishing them? Will He help them withstand the pressures or will it destroy them?"

I immediately felt a little connection with this author, Rachel Alkire, because she is a from a city that is only about two hours away from where I live in Michigan. So, when she talks about certain places in the book, I know where she is talking about.

This book was such a heart-wrenching book. Since I knew it was a true story, I just wanted to reach out to her and help her with whatever I could. This is one amazing mother, and I am so thankful that she shares her true feelings as she goes through her struggles. All mothers experience different struggles. We may not all experience the same struggles as Rachel, but we can be inspired by her and receive strength the same way she did - from our faith. Throughout the book she struggled with trusting God as she felt alone and overwhelmed. I certainly could relate with her struggle to trust God, and that He has the best plan for us no matter how it feels to us.

By the end of the book, Rachel has a beautiful picture she uses to explain what she has learned through her journey. She says, "As with plants, some people would die if their life was constant. If there was never a rainy season or a cold season, plants would never reach their full potential. For without the dormancy of winter germination, they would cease. Without the seasons, the trials, growth, my growth, would be stifled." I really agree with her that challenges in our life help build character and strength in each of us!

I recommend this book to all of you. It really brings our life and our struggles into perspective. I kept thinking, "If she can get through that, I can get through this."

You can find, "Glimpsing God" right here on Amazon. Let it inspire and motivate you!

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