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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silly Billyz Review

What are the toddler years full of? Funny sayings, sloppy eating, potty training, messy art projects, playing in the dirt, lovely kisses and hugs, and so much more!! My son is 2 years old, and I love almost every minute of sharing in his life. But there are the messy and challenging times that I mentioned above. That is why I say "Thank You" to the people behind my son's Silly Billyz long-sleeved bib!! Yes, that is right, a long sleeved bib!

Silly Billyz is such an awesome company designed to help parents find solutions to some of those messy situations! They are the kings of bibs! From biblets to pocket bibs to bling bibs to messy eater long sleeve bibs, they have something for every need and want!

I knew I needed and wanted a long sleeve bib for my little guy. Do you know how many stains this bib is going to save me from trying to get out? Now, my son isn't a particularly messy eater, either, but there are of course the occasional messes. The main mess culprit in our house is the art supplies. My son loves to color with markers, paint, crayons, chalk, and anything else he can get his hands on. This bib covers his entire front and all the way down to his wrists!! There is no way that he is going to stain his cute shirts when I have this bib on! LOVE, LOVE IT!

This is another wonderful bonus to these great products - all Silly Billyz bibs are PVC free, Lead free, stain resistant, machine washable and dryable. They are safe, convenient and really high quality - no cracking and ripping with these bibs!

I can only imagine what a dream having these bibs would have been when I was teaching preschool!! Well, I will be homeschooling, so this is going to be one very well used bib, that is for sure!

Head on over to Silly Billyz, grab a few bibs for you and your friends, and give everyone a little less mess in their day! Besides ordering online, you can check their store locator to see if they are in a store near you.


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