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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Santa Cruz Organics Review

Who loves PBJ's??? I know I do. I didn't always like them as a child, but now as an adult, I cannot get enough of them! Actually I have one every single day for lunch - no joke! (so does my two year old son. Like mother, like son, I guess)

Maybe one of the reasons I love them now is that my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now made with organic ingredients. I am still amazed that some people think that organic = icky. What in the world gave anyone that idea? I have come to the conclusion that the exact opposite is true. I think organic ingredients are much higher quality and have so much more of the natural flavors!

I have been making my PBJ's lately with Santa Cruz Organics. Not only do they have awesome organic peanut butter, but they also have organic fruit spreads to make the perfect PBJ. Thanks to the Family Review Network and Santa Cruz Organics, I received two of Santa Cruz Organics delicious peanut butters, four of their new fruit spread flavors, and the perfect complement to a PBJ - fruit sauces, such as Apple Peach and Apple Tropical.

Now, before I go on, let me tell you why I am a HUGE fan of Santa Cruz Organics. They produce awesome high quality organic products. But making yummy organic products isn't enough – they also work hard to raise awareness about the benefits of organic agriculture, and they run their business with a commitment to education and ecology. I was very impressed to read how they do this. "Each year we buy enough renewable energy to produce our entire line of products, and we are an official Green-E certified business. We've even reduced the waste that we create, recycling an amazing 96% of our refuse, which earned us a prestigious WRAP award." Isn't that awesome??

If you still aren't sure about organics or what makes them so special, check out their awesome webpage - Organic Matters.
Now let's talk taste and ingredients. I was sent their Dark Roasted Creamy and Light Roasted Crunchy Peanut Butters. First of all, these peanut butters are made with organic Spanish peanuts, and they contain no hydrogenated oils, no added sugars, and no artificial ingredients. That is just how they taste too! These peanut butters smell and taste so fresh and pure! I love that there are no added sugars, and these peanuts are left to stand for themself in the taste category. Both varieties need a little stirring to start out with, and then after that, they are smooth and delicious!

Moving on to fruit spreads - I loved these too!! First of all, I checked the sugar content, because that is one thing that bothers me about jellies and fruit spreads - so much sugar. I was happy to see that these fruit spreads have less sugar than the ones I was previously using. Yay!! One other thing that really set these apart from other fruit spreads I have tried was that these were so easily spreadable and smooth. Usually with a strawberry jam, I get big chunks of strawberries on one part of my bread and then soupy sauce on the other part. I was so pleasantly surprised that this didn't happen with Santa Cruz Organics. I loved all four of their new varieties: Strawberry, Apricot, Seedless Red Raspberry and Blackberry Pomegranate! Yummm!!

Lastly, I tried their fruit sauces in Apple Peach and Apple Tropical. Don't they sound absolutely delectable? I normally just buy the Apple Cinnamon, so these were a delicious treat to my taste buds! The Apple Tropical was my favorite! Listen to some of these ingredients: organic apples, organic strawberries, organic mangoes, organic kiwi, and organic pineapple. Doesn't that sound like a tropical treat? It is!! I am so glad that they came out with these new flavors. You have to try them! Spice up your or your child's lunch with the convenient 4-ounce cups, and you will be glad you did!
I loved everything about the Santa Cruz Organics products, and I highly recommend them to nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds!

If you want to find deals for these great products, check out their coupons section. Check their store locator for the store nearest you that carries their fabulous products. I have found them at several local stores near me, so I am sure you can find them near you too!

This post was written for Family Review Network & Santa Cruz Organic who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.


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