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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Top 5 Steps to Great Health

I like to keep things simple and organized, so here is a really easy way to start getting healthier and change your lifestyle! It is really important to work on all 5 steps, because they are each so important for all around great health.

1. Good Nutrition and Supplements
· Eat to live, not live to eat! Change your way of eating by thinking “nourish my body” not “make me happy.”
· Tons of colorful fruits and veggies is hugely important!
· Good quality multivitamin such as my fav - the Vitalizer pack
· Get these key supplements and nutrients – omega fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and calcium
2. Restorative Sleep
· You need 7- 8 hours of deep sleep each night. This is the time your body recovers and restores itself, and it is vital. Skimping on sleep leads to a host of health problems.
3. Reduce Stress
· Continual stress is dangerous to your health.
· Listen to relaxing or happy music, laugh, give and get hugs, and think positively to help get rid of stress.
4. Exercise
· Aim for 5-6 times/week, 30 minutes or more/day
· Don’t do the exact same workout for more than a few weeks, or your body will adapt.
5. Get Rid of Toxins
· Try to choose organic food and products when you can.
· Minimize toxins in your home – buy natural cleaners, purify air, buy natural personal care products
· Cut back on medication and other drugs

Remember, every change you make is a step in the right direction. Even the small steps matter!!

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  1. these are all such common sense, but still a challenge!


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