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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bobux Baby Shoes Review

I remember the first time I learned about Bobux shoes. My son was just a little guy then, getting ready to walk, and I wanted to get him shoes that were soft enough not to hinder his walking ability and let his feet naturally feel the ground underneath. I found these eco-leather shoes from Bobux and fell in love!!

We used them all the time because they were so easy to slip on, so good for his feet, and even skin friendly! Now, he has a new pair and loves those just as much!

I received this cute pair of cute little girl Bobux shoes for our new daughter. Aren't they so cute? I am a sucker for a cute shoe, and along with all the benefits of Bobux shoes, they also have tons of cute styles and sizes to choose from. From newborn to toddler, Mary Janes to trucks, they have super cute shoes!

This is my favorite part about them - Bobux are made from Eco-leather, a soft natural leather, tanned in an environmentally friendly method that is safe for your baby. Bobux Eco-leather is Chrome(VI) free and surpasses British Safety Standard BS 5665:EN71 making Bobux safe for your baby even if they put them in their mouth. Can you believe that? LOVE IT!!

You know what else I love? These shoes are easily washable on the gentle cycle or by hand. Then you just stuff them with paper towel and let them air dry.

You might think that your child can only wear these in the summer, but that isn't the case either. My son wore them all year round. They are handcrafted from only the softest natural leather, which means they don't have to line them. This allows the leather to absorb perspiration, keeping the feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Trust me, once you try these shoes, you will never go back!

My son is able to take them off himself, because they have a unique elastic system that means no laces, no snaps, none of that stuff that hinders children in helping put and take their own shoes off. We are working on him putting them on himself now, and he has almost got it! That is so nice, especially now that my pregnant belly is making it really hard for me to bend over.

If you want to read more about how awesome these shoes are, check out this page for more info. on what makes Bobux shoes stand out! Also, check out this page on the benefits of soft-soled shoes on developing feet.
Head on over to Bobux right now and pick out your favorite shoes for all the little ones in your life! Then, you can see how great they are for yourself!

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  1. Washable shoes are a must! Sounds like a very good product. My daughter (at age 3) still wears shoes like this around the house as slippers.


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