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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, I am writing to you all from beautiful Alaska!! After a loooooooooong and tiring day of traveling yesterday, my husband and I are here, enjoying the gorgeous mountains and lovely fresh air! We left our little son with his grandparents for a last little trip before the next baby is born.

I am looking forward to some halibut fishing, a glacier cruise and some hiking! I will keep the reviews coming for you, since I have a lot of great products waiting to be shared!!

If anyone has any tips on your favorite thing to do in Alaska, drop me a comment, because I would love to hear about your experiences too!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Im so jealous! My parents went to Alaska last year and all I got was a postcard!

    My hubby is going to Australia in a couple months...I told him to bring me back a kangaroo!


  2. Ooooh! How fun! My hubby and I will have our 10th wedding anniversary next year and are thinking of somewhere we could go by ourselves. Alaska is definitely on our list. Enjoy! :)


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