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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Organic Stash Tea Review

Getting into our Organic Tea Event, I have another great tea company to share with you today - Stash Tea. They create wonderful teas that are all hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients, blended in small batches and packaged for lasting freshness and superior flavor. They have several different tea lines, including: Loose Teas, Teas of India, Premium Organic Teas, Yamamotoyama 1690, and Chanakara Teas.

I tried out a few of their Premium Organic Teas. What I love about these teas is that they are made of only the finest 100% natural, certified organic teas and herbs. They are USDA and QAI organic (and kosher) certified.

The two teas I just drank to my hearts content were lavendar-tulsi and vanilla honeybush, both of which are caffeine free.(yay for pregnancy!) The two other teas that my husband drank and I just stole a taste were lemon ginger green tea and white tea with mint, which have caffeine. Don't those teas just sound tasty? Well, they were! I especially loved the vanilla honeybush. You can just taste how high quality and nourishing they are.

Now, they have tons of varieties of teas, and you can receive a catolog for FREE to check them out or you can go directly to their website. You will find individually wrapped bags to loose bags, herbal teas to spice blends, and more! Enjoy all the health benefits and mind benefits of great tea!


  1. I have a lovely award waiting for you on my blog! Have a great week!


  2. Though green tea has caffeine which boosts your metabolism, studies show that Wu-Long tea actually has about half the amount of caffeine that green tea has, yet contributes more to weight loss due to its polyphenols.


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