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Friday, May 7, 2010

Safe Baby Skincare

When I was pregnant with my last son, I was very appreciative of the baby showers that were thrown for us. But when I was looking at all the baby skin care products, I grew more and more scared. I had previously thought that "Johnson's" and other name brands were safe, since that is what they claim, but as I looked at the ingredients, very dangerous toxins jumped out at me from everywhere!! And baby’s skin is five times thinner and more permeable than an adult’s, making babies more susceptible to toxins. Yikes! Needless to say, I ended up researching safe baby skin care, and I fell in love with the ShakleeBaby line.

There may be other baby products out there, but the Shaklee Difference is what sets these products far apart in safety, health and value. When it comes to keeping our babies safe and healthy, everything counts—from what you put on their skin to what you put in their bodies. With delicate skin and developing bodies that are more vulnerable to external factors than an adult's, babies look to you to provide exactly what they need and with Shakleebaby, it’s only the best.

Why? Shakleebaby Skincare is:

Always Safe:
No 1,4-dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, formaldehyde, or phthalates
No synthetic fragrances or artificial colors
Packaging is free of bisphenol-A, phthalates, and toxic inks
Always Gentle - A baby’s skin is five times thinner and more permeable than an adult’s, making babies more susceptible to toxins, so our Shakleebaby products are:
99% natural ingredients
76%–99% organic ingredients
PH balanced
Clinically Tested – Of the parents who used Shakleebaby Personal Care products on their infants/toddlers in a clinical study:

98% agreed the Gentle Wash lathered well and rinsed completely
98% agreed the Soothing Lotion applied easily to the skin and 91% agreed product was nongreasy
92% agreed the Diaper Rash Cream reduced skin irritation and 91% agreed product helped prevent diaper rash
100% agreed the Massage Oil applied easily to the skin

And, Shakleebaby skincare is not just for babies - It’s great for adults with sensitive skin too!

And this is another important thing...Did you know?
Not all organic products are created equal. In addition to being 99% natural, our Shakleebaby products contain certified organic ingredients that pass the strict testing standards of Shaklee. Printed on the label you’ll find the organic content of each product—ranging from 76% to 99%. Some companies use the “organic” term loosely and fail to indicate the actual organic content on the label, which could lead consumers to believe the product contains more organic ingredients than it really does. Know what you are buying; simply having “organic” in the name doesn’t guarantee a high level of organic content.

Babies have a greater ratio of skin surface to body weight, meaning they absorb and lose water quickly, which can result in dry skin. Moisturize their delicate skin with a hypoallergenic lotion that does not contain any artificial color or fragrance and has been pediatrician tested. My favorite is Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion.

Infant massage is a great way to bond with your baby. Studies have found that infant massage can help calm a baby, help digestion, and improve sleep patterns. My fav is Shakleebaby Massage Oil.

And of course for cleaning your baby I recommend the Shakleebaby Gentle Wash. And the Diaper Rash Cream is very safe and works wonderfully!! You wouldn't believe what is in the diaper rash cream you get at the store. I wouldn't even put that on my own skin.

Besides being safe and effective, Shakleebaby Gentle Wash and Soothing Lotion have a great deal on them right now. If you join Shaklee as a member with a one-time fee of $19.95, you will get 15% off all your purchases forever and you will be able to buy One Gentle Wash at the 15% member price and get One Soothing Lotion for only $5!! That will save you $14.20!
But this offer only goes until May 31st, so go and check it out today.
Just head on over to

Give your little one an extra hug and kiss today and keep their little bodies safe and healthy!


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  2. I didn't know that Shaklee made baby products. Good to know, I will definitely have to look into these. I am super careful about what we use for our kids, ourselves as well.


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