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Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Get Healthy Challenge" 6 Week Mark!

Let me just say, I am so proud of everyone who is part of our "Get Healthy Challenge." We measured inches lost and BMI's again last week to see how our progress is going after 6 weeks. Of course, I didn't measure those of you who don't take my fitness classes, but I am still proud of you nonetheless.

The results were great. We didn't have outrageous numbers lost like on the Biggest Loser, but each person I measured had lost inches, which is a victory! And let me note how each person lost their weight differently. One lost all her inches from her chest, one lost some from each measurement, some lost a few here and none there. It is very individualized. A lot of times, we compare ourselves to others and get discouraged when we fall short of others progress. Please don't!! You are unique. Every person's figure is different, and the way they gain and lose weight is different.

What we want to celebrate is the dedication and each one of those little victories:

-your strong will said no to cookies and yes to an apple
-you rolled out of bed on Saturday morning, put your gym shoes on, and got your butt exercising
-you put half of your delicious dinner out at your favorite restaurant in a take home container, and saved it for the next day
-after a long day of work, instead of holding stress inside, you worked it off with exercise
-you ran/walked 1/2 mile farther than you ever have before
-you powered your energy by drinking your Cinch shake or having your Cinch meal bar every morning or lunch

Hurray to you!!! That is what getting healthy is all about! I am proud of you and want to encourage you to keep going and enjoy living healthier one day at a time! If you haven't joined in the Get Healthy Challenge, please start now. You can find lots of tips and a fabulous program to get your started at

It is always great to share stories, struggles, victories, and questions, so please post what you have been thinking to help encourage the rest of us!!


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